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Welcome to sustainabilitywgracez

While my prior experiences vary diversely, two things have remained consistent: I am driven by creativity and community & I firmly believe imperfect action creates greater impact than perfect inaction.

From the lenses of my sustainable fashion journey, I hand-make each designsbygracez item by transforming remnant/last-chance fabrics and recycling secondhand clothing. Creativity is, quite literally, stitched into the core of my work.


Now serving as corporate director of Emory’s altKEY sustainable fashion club, I’ve expanded my impact— making sustainable clothing more accessible on campus through pop-up shops while also encouraging more sustainable designs by sponsoring $2,000+ in scholarships for fashion designers. 


As an ex-fast fashion consumer and now avid sewer and thrift enthusiast, I strive to provide tangible and feasible tips for how to navigate conscious consumerism in my blog posts--- while also being mindful of traditional barriers like accessibility and lack of education/awareness. 

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